District Consolidation (unification)

KPOA continues to work with our elected officials to pursue reorganization of Kensington’s local governmental structure. KPOA advocated for a joint-district board meeting on district unification (consolidation), which occurred in April 2023 with Lou Ann Texeira, the county director of the Local Agency Formation Commission. Ms. Texeira has been a past speaker at KPOA Annual meetings to discuss her office’s role in reviewing proposals for district reorganizations, including consolidation.  A link to the 2022 meeting is on this website.   

Unification of the two districts KPPCSD and KFPD, would result in improved governance of Kensington, with coordinated, balanced oversight of fire, police and parks planning, and potentially reduce or eliminate the need of future tax increases. Consideration of and cooperation regarding all departmental needs and requirements would be managed by a single board with one general manager and administration. Consolidation would also resolve both districts’ inability to retain permanent part-time management staff. Both districts are trying to recruit for permanent part-time general managers with little success. There are plenty of small towns in California that have one board and one manager overseeing all public safety services along with other community services. Kensington is in a good position to make the change now.

For more analysis of the process and pros and cons of district consolidation see the report prepared by the KPPCSD  Ad Hoc Committee on Governance and Operations Structure at https://www.kppcsd.org/final-report-of-the-ad-hoc-cte-on-governance-operations-structure