Our Mission

The Kensington Property Owners Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to disseminate information and analysis and promote community engagement on issues affecting all Kensington property owners. KPOA has been a trusted, independent, nonpartisan voice in the Kensington community since 1972.

Membership is open to all Kensington property owners, and member dues are typically used for community educational outreach and to promote civic projects. Our volunteer board of directors brings together professional and volunteer resources to collect, analyze, and communicate information to decision-makers and all Kensington residents.

Kensington Property Owners Association

Our Activities

  • Annually host a town hall-style meeting at which we invite knowledgeable speakers to address timely subjects of concern to residents.
  • Publish a Kensington directory with contact information for our community government, local services, and community groups.
  • Gather information from local, county, and state authorities, identifying policy options and recommendations to our two special districts (KPPCSD and KFPD) and Contra Costa County.
  • Liaison to Contra Costa County and other bodies on infrastructure-related issues such as road resurfacing, undergrounding of power lines, and other topics which require Kensington property owner input and coordination.
  • KPOA also collaborates regularly with the other K groups on matters of interest to the community such as conducting local candidate forums and fundraising for community projects.

Board of Directors


Our membership organization is managed by a Board of Directors who bring volunteer and professional backgrounds and resources to the organization. Directors must be Kensington property owners and members of KPOA. Directors are nominated by the Board and elected by the membership at the annual membership meeting by a ballot. Directors are elected for two-year terms and are required to attend all board meetings. Our bylaws allow seven to thirteen directors and the Board sets the number by resolution. The officers of the Board are the President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Kensington Property Owners Association

Rick Artis

Join Our Board

Get involved with your community!

Directors volunteer on various KPOA projects throughout the year. This usually amounts to a few hours a month in addition to a monthly board meeting and a yearly annual meeting.

Directors are required to be:

  • Kensington property owners
  • Dues-paying members of the KPOA
  • Voted on during our annual meeting

Interested in becoming a KPOA board member?

Questions? Email us: [email protected]